May 27

Qur’an Lamenting

Mahir-ul- Qadri has the Qur’an lamenting.
As an ornament do they adorn me,
Yet they keep me and sometimes kiss me.
In their celebrations they recite me.
In disputes they swear by me.
On shelves do they securely keep me
Till another celebration or dispute, when they need me.
Yes, they read and memorized me,
Yet only an ornament am I.
My message lies neglected, my treasure untouched,
The field lies bare, where blossomed once true glory.
Wrong is the treatment that I receive
So much to give have I, but none is there to perceive.

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March 1

Palestine Poem

We have on this earth what makes life worth living
the aroma of bread at dawn
a woman’s opinion of men
the works of Aeschylus
the beginnings of love
grass on a stone
mothers who live on a flute’s sigh
and the invaders’ fear of memories
we have on this earth what makes life worth living
the waning days of dawn
a woman leaving forty in full blossom
the hour of sunlight in prison
a cloud resembling a pack of creatures
the applause of a people for those who face their end with a smile
and the tyrants’ fear of songs
we have on this earth what makes life worth living
on this earth, this lady of earth
the mother of all beginnings
the mother of all endings
she was called Palestine
she came to be called Palestine
o lady, because you are my lady
I am worthy of life .
By Mahmoud Darwish !

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March 1

GAZA Mystery


I’m Gaza, listen to me,
Through my face you will see,
A never-ending story of pains,
That cuts deeply through my veins,
My winks, my shrinks,
My wrinkles twinkle,
Who would dare?!!
To lift my veil,
Who’d dare?!!
To reach my essence,
Who’d dare?!!
A riddle I am,
An enigma,
A puzzle,
Who’d dare?!!
On my forehead a full history,
Beneath my mountains,
Innermost mystery,
To know me well,
Come, visit me,
Touch my wreckage,
Live under rubble,
And whiff my air,
Who’d dare?!!!
Abedalrahman Eldirawi@2015

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February 1

From A Refugee in Yarmouk Camp Syria

Salam/ Peace be upon you

My name is Aeham Ahmad. I am a Palestinian refugee living in ‪#‎Yarmouk_Camp‬ in Syria.

I want from you and your kind pages to spread the news about the suffering in #Yarmouk_Camp.

We are dying from starvation. We don’t have electricity for 2 years. I pedal a bicycle to generate electricity and save power in a battery which costs 500$ to provide electricity for 3 hours. We don’t have water for 130 days. We don’t have medicine. Rockets and missiles has not stopped fallen for 2 years. It is critical situation here.

The army of the regime is imposing a siege over the camp because of the armed groups inside. Yes we go to shop, we look for some thing to eat; only grass, parsley and chard.
A cartoon of food sponsored by UNRWA was the only thing could enter the camp but no more. It is stopped since 12-11-2014. That means the camp no longer has food.

Almost 15000 is the number of the people in Yarmouk Camp. Number of them were killed due to prisons torture. 2600 were killed due to explosive barrels, which fall from the air, rockets and missiles. 180 were killed from starvation. All of them are civilians. My brother was imprisoned for 2 days. He was killed. I am sure from torture. He is only 18 years. My brother and I are civilians. We have nothing with war.

We don’t have Western Union or any other companies for shipping. Aids rarely enter through traders of crises and organizations claim to give help but nothing reach us; it is all stolen. Don’t give us help at this time. I personally work and give 9 simple meals (sweets) twice a week for children whom I teach. Consider my personal initiative. We use wedding halls under the ground as alternative schools for children. We teach them some and let them play and have fun some.

Don’t miss this; My home is Palestine and one day I will go back to my town in Hula Valley, Safed. I will not give up my identity…

Salam/ Peace.

– My new Palestinian friend from Syria.
– Special thanks to Nancy Witt because she connected us.

January 15

My Dark Room

Written by Ahmed Miqdad
Copyright © Ahmed Miqdad 2015

“My Dark Room”
I need to be alone,
get some rest,
and think effectively,
turn off the light,
and close my eyes,
dream with the butterflies,
over the colorful roses,
in the streets of my city,
and the sunbeams come from my window,
brings light and warmth,
to my dark room,
which was burnt,
and the black color,
paints the walls,
the remains of my bed,
reflects the ugly face,
of my oppressors,
who burnt the children,
killed the angels,
and terrorized the infants.
My burnt pillow,
shows the terrifying nightmare,
that I encounter every night,
with every blink of my eyes,
feel the missile is coming,
to burn me inside the room.

I am waiting the absent sun,
to come back and light,
my dark room,
which misses the light,
from our dark world.

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January 7

“Wrathful Winter”

Written by Ahmed Miqdad
Copyright © Ahmed Miqdad 2015

“Wrathful Winter”
Your ugly sky,
which brings my depression,
especially, your grey clouds,
the sounds of winds,
which whistle through the rubble,
vow the unexpected storm,
and the sands fly on the faces,
to make them waning and pale,
the severe cold chases,
the bare bodies,
without heavy clothes,
the broken hearts,
who have enough of pain,
and sufficient suffering,
the pain of the beloved loss,
and the suffering of the rest,
the fractioned bones of bodies,
which knock the nerve severely.

Then you come wrathfully,
bring the cold weather,
the strong winds,
the heavy rain.

You have prepared yourself well,
and have brought all your soldiers,
to attack our nude bodies,
soft children,
weak tents,
and hungry families.

It seems you don’t know me,
I am the orphaned Gaza,
I am the broken heart,
and I am the besieged city,
isn’t that enough for you?!,
to show some mercy,
upon the homeless,
who has nothing except a tent,
which will not protect them,
from your cats and dogs,
and upon the poor,
who has nothing to eat,
or warm his frozen body,
you are really a wrathful winter,
but there are,
who is more wrathful than you,
the one who caused,
that horrible pain before you

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November 30


Life in Syria and Palestine becoming worse, the Middle East is like a tinderbox waiting to burst into a out of control fire. Most of the world look on with just words, the main stream media silent, or believing less is best, only Social Media, through Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and other platforms are voicing the truth and they are  making a difference.

We hope and pray, that the power of the people can make Governments sit up, and listen and to open their eyes that this is a problem for all the world and not just a Middle East problem.

We are all citizens of this world, some countries believe it’s better to turn a blind eye, not to make waves, as it does not touch their citizens, instead of joining as one, as citizens of the world and being a Government of the people and doing what is right and human.

Protecting those who cannot protect themselves, stopping massacres of innocent people, genocide, bullying of Governments, crimes against people because of race or religion.

The toothless tiger of the United Nations, like a teacher saying to a child they are being naughty, but unable to punish, a threat with words and no actions. We are the people of the World have to speak out, for Governments are not listening.

Countries lose one of their own and there is an uproar, when thousands of citizens of the Middle East are murdered, including many women and children, they say that’s bad, but do nothing, and the main stream media put these stories way down the list of importance, if on the list at all.

When, or will they ever report the truth and raise awareness of what is truly going on, and not sugar-coating because of loyalties to countries, Governments or people. News should be reported, with no censorship or threat of retaliation from anyone.

Live for what is right and true, if there is an injustice, speak out, silence can never stop it, only voices will change and report what is wrong.


Through the Social Media platforms available, please let your voice be heard.

They say Silence is golden, in this case Silence means you are a conspirator to this injustice.



August 18


Droplets of tears,

fall from the heavens above,

to the Earth below.

Tears of angels,

as they witness

their charges below

live more for Shaitan,

than their true God.

Enjoying the moment,

which soon passes,

not thinking of their

life to come.

Live for Allah and

you live for eternity,

in brightness.

Live for Shaitan,

and you are already dead,

and in darkness.

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